It is now the second round of the playoffs, which tells me it's going to get tougher than last week's Wild Card round.  We've got two games today, and two tomorrow, and I'm going to enjoy every single one of them.  Here are my picks for the weekend's games.

Saturday January 12th:


2 Green Bay Packers over 3 Seattle Seahawks (4:30 PM ET)

I think this game is the easiest to pick out of the four.  Brett Favre is fantastic at home in the playoffs, and Matt Hasselbeck already has a really bad playoff memory at Lambeau a few years back.  Hasselbeck will try to erase that from his memory, while Favre is going for another Super Bowl ring.  Seattle has struggled running the ball all year, and as long as GB can contain Seattle's monsterous DE's, Favre should be okay.  Green Bay wins big, 31-14.


1 New England Patriots over 5 Jacksonville Jaguars (8 PM ET)

This is the most anticipated matchup this weekend, and could end up being the best game.  New England, and their MVP QB, Tom Brady, are trying to keep their unbeaten record alive against the AFC's first wild card team.  But, I wouldn't underestimate the Jacksonville Jaguars if I was New England.  Jacksonville QB, David Garrard has been overlooked all season long, but, he knows how to lead his team to victory while being the underdog.  The Jags have a shot if they can run the ball with Fred Taylor, and Maurice Jones-Drew, but I really think the Pats are to much for the Jags no matter how long Jacksonville holds the ball.  NE wins another close game, 31-28.

Nfl vwartop

Sunday January 13th:


2 Indianapolis Colts over 3 San Diego Chargers (1 PM ET)

Indy will also have their hands full, but SD will most likely be without TE Antonio Gates, which will be key.  Phillip Rivers isn't any where close to an elite QB, and doesn't have enough playoff experience.  Rivers will suffer without his go-to guy, Gates, and Ladainian Tomlinson will have a tough job, carrying the team on his back.  Just LT won't be enough to defeat Peyton Manning, who has alot of playoff experience, and knows how to win when it matters most.  Indy wins 34-21.


1 Dallas Cowboys over 5 New York Giants (4:30 PM ET)

Tony Romo had two weeks rest, and will be ready to go, and Terrell Owens will most likely play as well.  Dallas' defense, especially LB DeMarcus Ware, will be all over NY's Eli Manning, who doesn't perform well under pressure, like most QB's.  The Manning of old will show up, and NY will have to go to their running game, which lacks experience.  NY is also missing a key part of their line, center Shaun O'Hara.  If Owens does, in fact, play I think Romo will have a big day, and Dallas will come out on top, though it will be close.  Dallas wins 28-24.

As you probably noticed, I didn't pick ANY upsets at all.  The reason for that is simple:  The top 4 teams are JUST too good.  They are two weeks rest, which I dont' think is enough to make you rusty, but instead rested up.  The big reason for them being so good, is their QB's, they have QB's they can lead last-minute drives if they have to, and hoave playoff experience.

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