From: The Sports Point

Just one week before camp even begins, the newly created All-American Football League announced today that the season could be postponed if new funding isn't secured. The six team league held its draft in January and the season was set to kickoff in April.

You might not have heard of this league, which consists of former players who are also college graduates, but it had to postpone its season one year ago without even drafting. The league primarily consists of Southern teams, with Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, and Texas represented.

Besides waiting to see if Team Michigan (creativity is not a characteristic of the league apparently) would succumb to the rest of the league's "Southern speed," we are pretty upset that we might not be able to see the Chris Leak to Peter Warrick connection Team Florida is featuring.

What will it take to be successful with a professional football league that plays by the traditional rules? It's hard to say one will ever last because we've seen so many fail. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the USFL, which was the most successful of the NFL spin-offs at just a three-year lifespan.

AAFL Official Website

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