The New York Giants need a WR. That's a no brainer. But there has been speculation that the Giants are in the market for Braylon Edwards and here's 5 reasons why the Giants shouldn't do it:

1. The dropsies. Plaxico as good as he was, was prone to dropping balls from time to time. Braylon has shakier hands.

2. Braylon's a sulker. Eli's personality isn't one where he's going to get in a receiver's face when he drops a catchable ball (unlike his brother Peyton). But we know that Braylon has been known to sulk on the sidelines when things don't go his way. Not a perfect match.

3.  Anquan Boldin is better. He's tougher, has better hands and he blocks downfield. Traits that Braylon doesn't have.

4.  Work Ethic. Eli needs a WR that's going to work out with him in the pre-season. Braylon hasn't shown that he's capable nor interested in doing this with his QB's in Cleveland.

5.  He's simply not worth it. Despite all his faults, Braylon is still a pretty good receiver but is he worth a 1st round pick? Probably not. Is he even worth a second and 4th round pick plus Steve Smith? Probably not either.

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