Week four saw a lot of defensive points.  Let's hope the trend continues into Monday Night and the Packers revamped 3-4 defense gives fits to the aged gunslinger.

  • How much help does Tom Brady need anyway?  I don't care what the rules are.  The way they protect the quarterback in today's game has hamstrung the defense and is turning the game into a joke.  Two roughing the passer penalties against the Ravens in the first half sent a very clear message and New England went on to beat Baltimore, 27-21.
Football sun
  • Without looking it up, can you name the team with the best record in the NFL last season?  If you have Tennessee at 13-3, you're absolutely correct.  The Titans currently sit at 0-4 and find themselves in dire need of a spark.  Is it Vince Young time yet?  Teams are on to Chris JohnsonJacksonville stomped Tennessee, 37-17
  • The Giants may just be the best team in the NFL.  They toyed with Kansas City before finishing the game with a 27-16 victory.
  • Insert any players you want.  M-V-Peyton Manning just keeps getting it done.  He has the Colts at 4-0 and they look very good doing it.  Do they have the toughness to make it once the snow flies?  By the way, they beat the poorly managed Seattle Seahawks 34-17.
  • Say what you want about Ohio football, it's always interesting.  After scoring to tie the game with just under two minutes left, the Bengals failed to put the game away. The PAT was blocked by the Browns' Shaun Rogers. It was the 13th blocked kick of his career. Even then it couldn't be easy. After exchanging possessions, it took a 31 yard field goal with 0:07 to go int OT for the Bengals to put the Browns away 23-20.
  • Chicago sent a very clear message to the NFC North by doubling up Detroit 48-24.  They are a team to be reckoned with.  After a disastrous first week against Green Bay, the Bears are 3-1.  Matthew Stafford has a kneecap injury that Detroit says is no big deal.  I say they should sit the kid for a week anyway.  No sense rushing him back when the team is in full on rebuilding mode.
  • New Orleans continues to prove that they have a defense to go with their high powered offense.  For the second week in a row, the Saints relied heavily on their defense in obtaining a victory.  This week they made Mark Sanchez look like the rookie he is by scoring two defensive touchdowns in the 24-10 victory over the 3-1 New York Jets.
  • Miami destroyed Buffalo 38-10.  Tick-tock Terrell tick-tock.  The media watches and waits for his explosion.  What did he expect, really?  The Bills have a suspect offensive line and an inaccurate quarterback.
  • Denver beat Dallas 17-10.  Tony Romo does not look like he has the accuracy to make it at the NFL level.  You may ask yourself why he was throwing to Sam Hurd at the end of the loss.  Maybe it was because his overthrows hung Roy Williams out to dry one too many times and Williams was on the sideline with a rib injury. By the way, I ask myself why Romo was throwing at Champ Bailey at the end of the game.
  • The San Francisco 49ers shut out the hapless St. Louis Rams 35-0 behind a stellar showing by their defense.  The Niners allowed a measly 177 total yards, had five sacks and scored two defensive touchdowns.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers love it when the Chargers come to town. The Steelers led 28-0 in the third quarter, but needed a 46 yard field goal from Jeff Reed with 43 seconds left to secure the 38-28 victory.

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