Hey everybody, this is going to be short and sweet (unlike my typical monstrous previews) because I have to devote most of my blogging time to the site that's actually paying me, but I thought I should keep the streak going and, for the 4th straight year, record my surely-wrong projected MLB standings for posterity. As always, these were generated using computer-projected stats for every player, so it's not like I'm biased against any team or anything (Die, Yankees, Die!!!)... And this means that if your fave team looks bad, it's the cold hard numbers talking and you can feel free to write it off as such -- sometimes they get it right, sometimes they get it wrong, and there's always something to disagree with. Anyway, here are the projections:

Team Div Won Lost WPct
New York Yankees AL East 105.1 56.9 0.649
Boston Red Sox (WC) AL East 101.1 60.9 0.624
Tampa Bay Rays AL East 95.8 66.2 0.591
Toronto Blue Jays AL East 70.5 91.5 0.435
Baltimore Orioles AL East 69.5 92.5 0.429
Team Div Won Lost WPct
Cleveland Indians AL Central 88.7 73.3 0.548
Detroit Tigers AL Central 81.1 80.9 0.501
Minnesota Twins AL Central 80.2 81.8 0.495
Kansas City Royals AL Central 71.2 90.8 0.439
Chicago White Sox AL Central 69.9 92.1 0.432
Team Div Won Lost WPct
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim AL West 90.5 71.5 0.559
Oakland Athletics AL West 80.1 81.9 0.494
Seattle Mariners AL West 76.1 85.9 0.470
Texas Rangers AL West 66.1 95.9 0.408
Team Div Won Lost WPct
New York Mets NL East 92.7 69.3 0.572
Philadelphia Phillies (WC) NL East 89.8 72.2 0.554
Atlanta Braves NL East 88.8 73.2 0.548
Washington Nationals NL East 67.7 94.3 0.418
Florida Marlins NL East 67.4 94.6 0.416
Team Div Won Lost WPct
Chicago Cubs NL Central 97.3 64.7 0.601
St. Louis Cardinals NL Central 86.3 75.7 0.533
Milwaukee Brewers NL Central 82.6 79.4 0.510
Cincinnati Reds NL Central 76.5 85.5 0.472
Houston Astros NL Central 69.9 92.1 0.432
Pittsburgh Pirates NL Central 64.2 97.8 0.396
Team Div Won Lost WPct
Los Angeles Dodgers NL West 91.1 70.9 0.562
Arizona Diamondbacks NL West 85.8 76.2 0.530
San Francisco Giants NL West 77.6 84.4 0.479
Colorado Rockies NL West 77.0 85.0 0.475
San Diego Padres NL West 69.3 92.7 0.428

Yankees def. Indians
Red Sox def. Angels
Yankees def. Red Sox

Cubs def. Phillies
Mets def. Dodgers
Cubs def. Mets

World Series:
Cubs def. Yankees

Cubs Pennant

NL MVP: Manny Ramirez, Dodgers
NL Cy Young: Johan Santana, Mets
NL Rookie: Cameron Maybin, Marlins

AL MVP: Grady Sizemore, Indians
AL Cy Young: C.C. Sabathia, Yankees
AL Rookie: Matt Wieters, Orioles

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