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In honor NFL Draft busts of the days of yore I bring you the 2008 NFL Draft ten Foot Pole Team…as in I wouldn’t touch __________ with a 10’ pole.


QB-Matt Ryan-Boston College… a year ago Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm was though to be the #1 prospect at the position in the country, now Ryan vaults to the top of the list.  Ryan has Joey Harrington written all over him.

RB-Jonathan Stewart-Oregon…only started one year and battled injuries, his lack of that extra gear is concerning as is his lack of elusiveness.  He won’t be in a spread offense in the pros and won’t be able to turn the corner at will anymore.

RB-Steve Slayton-anyone who drops a 3 rd or higher on this guy will regret it.

WR-Malcolm Kelly-Oklahoma-I don’t understand the hype.  I saw this guy get nullified by corner backs six inches shorter and he never had a 1000 yard season.

WR-DeSean Jackson-California-Some say he’s the next Steve Smith, I say he’s the next Desmond Howard.

TE-Dustin Keller-Purdue-Don’t be fooled by his 4.55 40 time, the kid has hands like Roberto Duran, made from stone.

OT-Jake Long-Michigan-I know all the pundits are drooling over this guy and this may sound like sacrilege but his lack of foot work is reminiscent of *gasp* Tony Mandarich.  I also saw Vernon Gholston give Long fits.

OT-Carl Nicks-Nebraska-Saw this guy in person against an average Colorado defensive line and he was thoroughly unimpressive and has been his entire career.

G-Mike McGlynn-Pittsburgh-If you draft him you need to ask yourself, “How much better will he get?”

G-John Greco-Toledo-As with McGlynn his upside mat be very limited.

C-Mike Pollack-Arizona St.-About as quick as a tree sloth.


DE-Derrick Harvey-Florida-Is he Jevon Kearse or Jarvis Moss?

DE-Calais Campbell-Miami-He may be better suited as a DT in a 4-3 or DE in a 3-4, but not as an edge rusher.

DT-Glenn Dorsey-LSU-No top prospect stock has vacillated more than Dorsey’s, which leads one to believe  NFL scouts simply don’t know what to do with this guy.  A top ten pick yes, but top three…hell no.  (Your humble author awaits a slew of negative comments from pissed off SEC & LSU disciples)

DT-Marcus Harrison-Arkansas-If the kid can stay out of trouble he’ll be good, if not he’ll be another Tank Johnson.

LB-Jordon Dizon-Colorado-I loved this guy in college because he was fearless, relentless, and was a tackling machine.  I also saw him get swallowed by big offensive linemen and get pushed around.  He’ll be a special teams star but not a starter.

LB-Cliff Avril-Purdue-Is frankly a liability against the run.

LB-Curtis Lofton-Oklahoma-Was not good against the run and only started 19 games.

DB-Aqib Talib-Kansas-Was brilliant at times and utterly invisible at others, except when getting beat because of over aggression.

DB-Brandon Flowers-Virginia Tech-Is way too aggressive and a piss poor tackler.

DB-Josh Barrett-Arizona St.-The guy should have been an All American but underachieved in 2007 and got beat deep way too often, twice against Colorado receivers who were just awful.

DB-Patrick Lee-Auburn-A  classic boon or bust prospect who a lot of SEC observers swear was more adept at mugging receivers than covering them.

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