Template:Hottest Sports Wife Voting for the semifinals of the Hottest Sports Wife Tournament is now open. Voting will last until Wednesday 9 A.M. EST. You can see your bracket here. You can see the results of the first round here, the second round here, and the third round here.

Cheryl Tweedy
(wife of Ashley Cole)
Jennifer Walcott
(wife of Adam Archuleta)
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Cheryl Tweedy vs. Jennifer Walcott"></pollembed>

Gena Lee Nolin
(wife of Cale Hulse)
Gena Lee Nolin0002
Carmella DeCesare
(wife of Jeff Garcia)
<pollembed title="Who is hotter? Gena Lee Nolin vs. Carmella DeCesare"></pollembed>

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