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"Sportune Cookie" - it's the words that that you get from inside that is where the good part is supposed to be.

00a Sportsune Cookie

Inside every storm cloud is the rain to make new things grow (in sports)

Sportune Cookie

One man's croutons are another man's crumbs

If the Lakers-Celtics matchup is such a rivalry, then why do they gotta make SO MUCH out of it?

This series feels like it will remind me of when the Steelers and Cowboys last renewed THEIR "historic rivalry"...

There will be a 'goat. What scape they will be wearing is indeterminate at this time...

Too bad the goat won't be "Jeez, this season kinda sucked."

Guys that scream "I will only be remembered properly if I screw something up REAL bad" include Sasha Vujacic (my pick to force Kobe into screaming like a lunatic at least twice this series), Luke Walton, Kedrick Perkins, Sam Cassell and Wally Sczerbiak. I know Wally isn't playing, but he is still a viable option in my book to screw this series up.

Maybe Kobe can guide his young team into his second loss in the Finals in 5 years. MJ never did that!

And to the poor, neglected people of Minnesota - I realize that both Los Angeles and Boston both needed you. I wish I was there right now getting the REAL story behind this Finals... then again, I BLAME YOU for allowing this to happen.


Sometimes I think the World is NYC's little bitch. Maybe I'm a little off, but I KNOW Chicago IS NYC's little bitch.

If you switched Ozzie Guillen and Willie Randolph, the Chicago papers would be exactly the same. Drama for the sake of Trauma. New York would brush Ozzie off like a legless guy on the subway asking for "crack money" - at least he's honest...

Pre-emptive Maneuvers

If I was a Phoenix Suns fan, I might think Hurricane Boris was Ominous.

I knew it but I didn't say anything: Maria was bound to lose after that first round. If only I was as right about all the other things I want her bound to.

Boston: 2008 meet Philly: 1980. You guys should get acquainted. (more on this later)

If Jason Taylor really wants to get his name into the media more to help push his post-football career, he should do something controversial!

I watched the overtimes of last night's Pens-Red Wings game last night and remembered why I love watching 2-3 hockey games a year.

But I could play half a season in one night on PlayStation. I do love the game, it's just tough to watch on TV with no emotional involvement other than yelling "PLAY 8 OVERTIMES!!! I want 8 Overtimes!!!!" at my poor, mostly inanimate television.

Media Rant

The next time that the AP issues a Rays game wrap-up (a win of course) without the words "for the first time in franchise history" it will be the first time.

It's not like you can't write a whole column without it... jeez, throw in a shot out to BigPPup if you can't think of anything!

WTMF Sports

Channel Manny Presents:

W.T.M.F. Sports with your host, Manny Stiles!

Brought to you by the fine crafters of Explodent!

"If you can find a more explosive toothpaste than Explodent, you've looked really, really hard!"

Reporting on Tuesday, June 3rd... Manny Stiles:

MS - I have a hangover, so let's get to it...

Today's top headlines for WTMF sports:

The streak comes to an end. After 37 years of mulling it over...

Ever wonder?

What if Deion Sanders' album would have become super popular???

The Adventures of ManRays

Ray of the Day: Today's Ray is "Day Off"

After getting a day off and heading to Boston for a little "separation" in the standings...

Hey, Red Sox fans? Can you hear us now??? It's a GOOD thing sweat doesn't drip upwards!!!

It looks like we're not even taking you seriously anymore and we're saving Kazmir for the Rangers, even though Thurday's game would be the start after his normal rest.

I'm not even worried about jinxing them with my wilish antics anymore!!!

Go Rays!


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A Picture is worth 1000 noogies

Yes, it's one of my three favorite moments in baseball history. I've considered getting it as a tattoo. But the fact that it's SIGNED makes this a picture worth 1000 noogies.

Dr. Commento Answers the Questions

'ATQ - from Kelsdad (even though it's not a question: "Knowing Manny, there is a hidden message there somewhere, the problem is finding it."

The REAL hidden message is in the picture; not the 10 - by the way - "10 cards I don't want if I buy a pack of '85 DonRuss trading cards"

Strike a Prose

"She is Sport"

Flittering Fluttering
Dancing about
gliding gracefully
Words, analogies
what is she about?
is she Life, is she Discovery?
a metaphor for both?
or is she a riddle
with hundreds of words irrelevant to the picture in the middle?
it she relevance, is she not
of what we perceive
It she sports to you
is she not a Sport to me?
No matter her position
or level of involvement
she goes on all around us
even if we were to not ponder her
the dances of her athletes
the pleasure of her fruits
the fountains of her profit
it's just a business to them
But we're sports fans...

so we love her...

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