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ROUND NUMBER 2!!! So soon??? Yes, I will now post the second round results, because I am that eager. As you all should know (if you read my first round article) there was many upsets in the first round, and teams like number 14 Oral Roberts are looking to become the George Mason of '05 team, and shock the world. Well, keep on reading to find out if Oral Roberts, Holy Cross, Old Dominion, VCU, Arkansas, and Albany survived another round with the big boys.

Round 2:


1 Florida over 9 Purdue 89-62

4 Maryland over 12 Old Dominion 82-73

3 Oregon over 6 Notre Dame 95-91

10 Georgia Tech over 2 Wisconsin 105-103 (2OT)


8 Kentucky over 1 Kansas 73-72

13 Holy Cross over 5 Virginia Tech 70-60

3 Pittsburgh over 11 VCU 72-63

7 Indiana over 2 UCLA 71-54


1 North Carolina over 8 Marquette 99-73

4 Texas over 12 Arkansas 84-67

14 Oral Roberts over 6 Vanderbilt 75-66


Oral Roberts continues their George Mason-like run, beats out number 6 Vandy 75-66 to advance to Sweet 16.

2 Georgetown over 7 Boston College 82-72


1 Ohio State over 9 Xavier 88-74

5 Tennessee over 13 Albany 71-58

6 Louisville over 3 Texas A&M 66-55

2 Memphis over 7 Nevada 78-77

Sweet Sixteen Matchups:


4 Maryland vs 1 Florida

10 Georgia Tech vs 3 Oregon


13 Holy Cross vs 8 Kentucky

7 Indiana vs 3 Pittsburgh


4 Texas vs 1 North Carolina

14 Oral Roberts vs 2 Georgetown


5 Tennessee vs 1 Ohio State

6 Louisville vs 2 Memphis

Don't worry, I will write a short paragraph or two on all eight of the Sweet 16 games, to make it a little more in-depth. Those games should come tomorrow.

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