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The inevitable cost overruns have pushed the combined cost of the new stadiums in New York at close to $2 billion! Now, both stadiums look nice - check them out here and here - and come with all the bells and whistles (how many times have you wished that a stadium had a martini bar?), but it got me wondering what you could get for $2 billion.

You could pay for -

10 - days of war in Iraq
869,954 - Big screen televisions
133 - Years of salary for the Florida Marlins
74 - Years of Alex Rodriguez's salary
11,430 - 2007 Ferrari F430 Coupes
21,276 - Homes in Kokomo, Indiana
1,200 - feet of road in Boston's Big Dig project

And the kicker -

40,000 - Teacher's salaries for one year

Gotta give the Yankees credit for one thing, though. They have rejected slapping a corporate name on the new stadium. Somehow, the Yankees playing in Pizza Hut Park just seems disrespectful to the history of baseball.

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