As we all know by now, the price for having Ron Artest on your team is that every so often he will do something incredibly stupid and childish that will hurt your team severely. The Sacramento Kings will pay that price in game two of their opening round series against the San Atonio Spurs, as Artest has been suspended for rendering a vicious elbow to Manu Ginobilli’s head in Game 1.

Artest also didn’t play in the postseason last year after an early season suspension for a brawl in Detroit while playing for Indiana. Said Pacers coach Rick Carlisle, Artest’s former head coach, of the incident and subsequent suspension: “I’m disappointed Ronnie’s suspended because he’s a competitor and I want to see him do well.” Translation: “What a f#cking idiot. That guy is a huge baby, and I’m glad his canerous attitude is away from my team.”

By the way, Sacramento lost game 1 by 34 points to the powerful Spurs WITH Artest in the lineup. I wonder how game 2 is going to go WITHOUT him. Way to go, Ronnie. Chump.

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Tue 04/25/06, 6:28 am EST



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