Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Tanguay is fast, with or without the puck. He is a playmaker who can score, as shown by his 27 goals two seasons ago. Playing with Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg is helping him learn what separates the elite players from the pack.

"He's a hugely talented, gifted player," a Western Conference scout says of Tanguay. "He has great one-on-one moves; he's very aware on the ice. He has soft hands. He's a creative player and has good hockey sense. He's good enough that he's able to play with (Sakic and Forsberg). Not every player on that roster can do that."

Tanguay has playoff success early in his career to draw from--he scored two goals in Game 7 of the 2001 Stanley Cup-clinching game for the Avs--which cannot be undervalued. It gives him a base of confidence and makes him the rare young player who knows what it takes to win.

WEAKNESSES: Tanguay needs to improve his game away from the puck, but he is not a defensive liability. He also needs to shoot more. Despite Tanguay's skills, the scout doesn't think he is a future franchise player.

"I don't know if he's ever going to be a core player, but he complements core players," the scout says.

Tanguay has not made a big improvement this season. The scout says that slow development is a weakness hut adds that giving up on Tanguay too soon would be costly to the Avs.

SCOUT'S BOTTOM LINE: "With his ability, he could have 80 points or more in a great year and 60-70 in a good year."


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