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Aaron Rowand gets into fight with wall...and loses

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by user Thefoulpole


Nobody has the balls of Aaron Rowand. This guy sacrifices his body all the time, just for a lousy fly ball. This time, he made one of the best catches that we have ever seen, but broke his nose in the process, and makes him look like he got into a massive bar fight with Kyle Turley.

It's a story of irony. Rowand requested that the Phillies add extra padding onto that area of the wall so that he can show off his "badassity" by flopping his body around into walls. The padding arrived Tuesday, and had began to be installed on Friday, one day after Rowand's face went straight into the wall.

Props, Aaron. Props.

The Foul Pole


Mon 05/15/06, 10:12 pm EST

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