In grand Craig style I am about to overreact to the Mets fast start. Its a great feeling to have and one I have not had in quite some time especially this early in the season. I can not imagine what it is like to be in Wisconsin or Michigan right now with all the Brewers and Tigers fans.

But who cares about them, it is the Mets that have me incredibly excited before the second sedar begins. They have good pitching going 6 innings plus every game, good relief pitching in Wagner, Duaner (not Dirty) Sanchez and Aaron Heilman that could shut the door.

And the hitting (I'm sorry Jessica I started a paragraph with and) is going good too. Look at yesterday's game, the game is a close one at 2-1 with Reyes leading off the inning with a double, Lo Duca come up bunts him to third and Beltran brings him in with a deep fly to right center. How can you not love a team that plays like that? I'm looking at you Yankee fans

Of course there must be things that have me worried, I don't see depth at starting pitching with Bannister and Zambrano, yet anyway. I have yet to jump on the Bannister bandwagon although I do have my ticket, I just want to see him do it more consistently. Kazmir, I mean Zambrano needs to do something or else that cool reception he got opening day will be the best he gets all year from the Shea faithful.

When talking worries, one must mention Jorge Julio, a few years ago he seemed on the verge of being a dominant closer with Baltimore and then he Benitezed out and it seems like he is being regulated to mop-up duty something that wont help his confidence in the least. If he could get it going we could have an even more dominant bullpen a playoff necessity ala 1996-2000 Yankees and the 2002 Angels.

I'm not saying on April 13th the Mets are going to win the whole shebang but I expect playoffs because of this lineup and I think Beltran will have a good year 2 with all that protection he has.


Fri 04/14/06, 1:08 pm EST


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