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A balk gives the Devil Rays a 1-0 win

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The two teams combined for just 8 hits and 1 walk. Damon Hollins and Raul Ibanez had the only two extra base hits of the game, each with a double. it's no surprise that the final score was a measily 1-0 with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays coming out on top of the Seattle Mariners.

The only run of the game came when Jamie Moyer, a 43 year old veteran in his 20th year of major league baseball, balked with Toby Hall standing on third base. Moyer went 8 innings in the tough loss. Scott Kazmir got the win with 7 scoreless innings, striking out 9. Tyler Walker worked the 9th for his 4th save.


Wed 05/10/06, 7:44 pm EST




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