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These are the Championship Game results for the American Football League, which played from 1960-1969, until the AFL-NFL Merger in 1970.

AFL Champions

Year Champion Score Runner-up
1960 Houston Oilers 24-16 Los Angeles Chargers
1961 Houston Oilers 10-3 San Diego Chargers
1962 Dallas Texans 20-171 Houston Oilers
1963 San Diego Chargers 51-10 Boston Patriots
1964 Buffalo Bills 20-7 San Diego Chargers
1965 Buffalo Bills 23-0 San Diego Chargers
1966 Kansas City Chiefs 31-7 Buffalo Bills
1967 Oakland Raiders 40-7 Houston Oilers
1968 New York Jets 27-23 Oakland Raiders
1969 Kansas City Chiefs 17-7 Oakland Raiders

1- Double Overtime

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